Types of Deeds

There are two basic types of deeds used in a real estate transaction in South Carolina: (1) Quitclaim Deeds (2) Warranty Deeds. A quitclaim deed merely purports to convey whatever title or interest the grantor has in the property. This means that there is generally not title search performed and examined prior to the transfer….


Frequently Asked Question – Will I be terminated if I file a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The Workers’ Compensation Act is a no-fault system that provides relief for injured workers. In compensable cases, the workers’ compensation Carrier will provide medical care and payment of compensation while an injured employee is out of work.  Unfortunately, many injured workers are afraid to file for benefits for fear of termination.  S.C. Code Ann. §…


Building Permits Hit Eight Year High

Building permits, a key indicator for the housing market because they represent homebuilders’ market expectations for housing, saw strong performance in May, hitting an annual rate of 1,275,000. This was 11.8 percent over April’s rate of 1,140,000 and is 25.4 percent higher than May 2014’s estimated rate of 1,017,000, the Census Bureau reported. May’s permit…


Do I need a Will?

If you own a home or any type of real estate, you may want to consider having a Will.  You can view this as being a small part of your estate planning.  A Will determines who will receive your property and personal possessions. It contains certain instructions to be carried out after your death. At…